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Horseshoe flower pot wall hanger

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 Measurements: 13''Length x 12'' Width x 8'' Height

This beautiful piece of art features an array of horseshoes welded together to hold your beautiful flower pots! The pot pictured is the biggest mum we could find and measured in at 22 inches and 14 pounds! She was a big girl but was no match for the strength of our holder! (which in reality could hold a 500lb pot but we aren't bragging!).

The biggest pot dimension wise that will fit in this holder will have the BOTTOM OF THE POT be at maximum 7 inches in circumference (the outer width of the BOTTOM of the pot).

Easily mount this holder in your favorite spot via the bottom horseshoe and you will be all set and ready to enjoy your new pot display that no one else has!


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Beautiful! Put my fall mums in them and cant stop looking at them!

yiyui yuiyi

Got it today and my mother in law was ecstatic.

Very sturdy and very well made.

Will be ordering some more for my Stables entrance


Easy to install and holds my heavy plants. I went with the brown paint option and i could not be happier.