Black Flag Steel

We are a small business located south of Buffalo, NY. We are built on the foundation of blue collar hard work and craftsmanship.

We deliver high quality rustic products made from authentic recycled materials directly to your door step.

All horseshoes and railroad spikes are hand forged from recycled steel. NO WASTE!

Thank You Christine!


"When I opened the box and saw my hose holder I couldn't have been happier. It's holding a very heavy and long hose with no issue.

Chance (the owner) was extremely responsive when I had an installation question and
provided me with detailed individualized instructions quickly via email.

Thanks! As someone whose owned horses and gone thru many horse
shoes, it's nice to see them repurposed in such a fun and creative way.
Would love to see a front porch boot cleaner for after hikes here in

- Christine



"So perfect! Great quality and fast shipping" - Sun Rise City Cafe'

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