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Black Flag Steel is located in small town USA south of Buffalo, NY with a total of two traffic lights! We are built on the foundation of blue collar hard work and craftsmanship.

We deliver high quality rustic products made from authentic recycled materials directly to your door step.


Want to purchase a custom quantity of one of our products? WE GOT YOU. Scroll to the bottom of this page and contact us. We offer bulk discounts!


Q: It's been X AMOUNT of days where is my item?

A: All orders take on average 7 to 10 BUSINESS DAYS to create and ship. This keeps our quality high! We are not Walmart, Amazon or Target. We are known for our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece is unique and carefully crafted!

Q: Once my item ships how long does it take to get to me?

A: We use priority services so on average it will arrive within 2 to 3 days.

Q: Hey! you didn't send any screws!!

A: We do not provide screws as the area the item is being attached to could require a longer screw or a shorter screw. We wouldn't want to provide a screw too short (won't hold the weight of the item) or a screw too long (will stick out the back and hurt someone). All of our items are drilled with 1/4'' holes. Your local Walmart or hardware store will be good options for screws.

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Yes we do! shipping the item back will be at your expense and once the item has arrived and been inspected we will instantly issue you a full refund no questions asked. (contact us before you return the item so that we know its coming)

Q: Are your products USA made?


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