Our Story

I'm Chance! A professional welder AND Founder of Black Flag Steel. I remember when I first arrived at Welding School in 2011 in Jamestown, New York. We had a professor who was seasoned, rough edged and detailed. He had done it all and seen it all. The expectations were high.
I recall an overwhelming sense of intimidation. I was starting something that was foreign to me and I had never done before. After a very short career of washing dishes one day a week at the local bar it was time for change.
I arrive to class on my first day and I'm thrown to the wolves.
"Some of you have welded before and some of you haven't. Either way you will learn. Go find a machine and some scrap metal and do not light yourself on fire."
I ended up lighting myself on fire.
However, two years later I graduated with my Degree in Welding Technology and was at the top of my class. I was ready to get to work and ready to do everything I could to be the best I could be.
I ended up being hired by a company that received contracts through the State and Federal prison systems and was officially a professional welder in my local iron workers union and developed my skills.
Where do Horseshoes and Railroad spikes come into play?
I had some free time after work one day and had some horseshoes laying around and decided instead of scrapping it maybe ill make something someone would be willing to put in their house.
People loved what I was making and everything snow balled from there. The year was now 2017 and Black Flag Steel was formed and I decided to take my hobby seriously! and now here we are today!
- Chance
Owner, Black Flag Steel